In today’s scenario, getting a good job in reputed top companies is getting tougher day by day. Corporate are looking for the people who have past experienced in the required field. In such situations, entry for the fresher is completely depended upon the internship experience of the candidate. Students are getting serious towards joining a lot of intern-ships in order to secure the future jobs. The internship program offers students the opportunity to sharpen their professional skills under the critical eyes of practitioners. Colleges are putting all efforts to make their students fit as per the corporate world. They are organising various internship programmes where students gets the opportunity to interact with the practical world. On same steps, the top ranked college of Uttarakhand, “The Tula’s Institute” is working from day one. The college is well known in entire Dehradoon for its internship programmes.

24456971435_31eace117f_kTula’s Institute has strategic tie-ups with multi-national companies like JBM, TVS, ALTTC, Bhushan Steels etc. who offer students internship opportunities. The placement committee of college maintains an updated list of internships sites and assists students getting suitable companies to intern especially during their summer break.  The college assists students for internship in both under graduate and post graduate academic program. To make internships easier for the students, the college organise various sessions, workshops on personality development, technical skills, digital world, latest technology and expert session.

23930448643_aef843c7c2_kTula’s Institute believes that internship program makes it easier for students to get the full-time job from the industry. The experience of working with the industry along with the academic programme adds an advantage in the resume of the students. Students get the opportunity to put the classroom theory into action. Students strength their network while working with the top level management of the industry.  Apart from student’s benefits, corporate also feels secure to recruit the people having the past internship experience from their industry.

Tula’s Institute believes students require certain qualities which cannot be taught in the classroom. The experienced faculty of the college understands the need of practical exposure for its students. They prepare them for the day one about the corporate challenges and responsibilities. The faculties and placement committee of the college works throughout the year to offer top internships for the students. These efforts of providing internships to the students have made Tula’ Institute as top most college of Uttarakhand.