Agriculture plays a significant role in the growth of India as a nation While, Forestry in India is a rural industry which is as crucial as agriculture. They both are equal contributors as an environmental resource. India is one of the ten most forest-rich countries of the world. A Major sector of the nation is involved into agriculture and forestry and the whole nation is connected to it. Talking about statistics, today India ranks second worldwide in farm output.With the ever-expanding population, the dependency over agriculture and forestry industries rises higher to fulfil the never-ending human demands such as food supplies with shifting dietary needs, shelter provision, revenue generation, and many more.

Agri CollegeAs the world is inclined towards the development in agriculture and forestry, Some evils that lead to their destruction must be eradicated. Some of the evils include lack of basic necessities required for their flourishment, physical damage Caused, decline in their supply, quality & value, that ultimately dissatisfies mankind. Education in these fields gives an insight into these issues and would help to overcome such problems. Agriculture and Forest Management has to be handled by the citizens who are responsible for their development and enhancement simultaneously. They must have ample knowledge of how best to implement it in favour of the nation. Forestry and agricultural industries are considered “Green Careers,” meaning that the careers are involved in preserving or protecting our environmental resources. To excel in these fields, it is necessary to study science in agriculture and forestry.

This will promote agricultural & forestry research and development in India. Education in A&F is very standardized and extremely knowledge-based. Objectives evolved, by choosing these industries as a career is to learn how to conserve our natural resources and assure to work in the direction of attaining sustainable development. We also learn to preserve the bounties of lands and other natural resources and hence utilize them in future, thus helping our nation to contribute effectively in the world economy. Such degree will be put in the heart of some important issues of today and challenges us to dissolve solutions for the same.

Agriculture collegeTula’s institute, Dehradun is the Best college of Agriculture and Forestry in Dehradun that understands the need, stands strong with the latest developments and provides students with the best education, technologies and research & development labs to excel in the industries of agriculture and forestry. TI let the students discover and evolve in the field of Agricultural and forestry science that would lead the country towards prosperity in such fields. Tula’s enlightens spirit of excellence academically as well as practically in its students by training them to apply theoretical concepts in agricultural fields and forests and are given deep knowledge about it.

In B.Sc. Agriculture, students are introduced to subjects of concern, such as Horticulture, Microbiology, Agronomy, Soil Science, Genetics, Entomology, etc. Since India is covered majorly with agricultural fields along with forest lands, focusing on these key points the institute gives wide exposure to the market due to high demand of the fields. Delivering best education to its students, faculties of the Science department at Tula’s institute is dedicated to deliver excellence in academic research as well as field subjects. Faculties at TI have years of excellence in their respective subjects and are expert in how to best impart their knowledge. The Science labs are modern consisting of latest equipment and advance technology enhancing their expertise and fitting their knowledge with today’s trends in the relative field.