Have you ever imagined how would your life be without the inventions that are leading our life with ease?

I guess it would be a tough row to hoe. The stage where the world exists today, cannot be easily ripped off because of the high-technology and super powers that hold it firmly. Engineers who are building the blocks for our bright future are the backbone of our society. They always have been existed since the Stone Age with their first inventions of the wheel and the wedge. Their willingness towards disposition of wondrous creations and inventions has given shape to a better tomorrow. Such revolutions have always been viewed as the application of new and better technologies fulfilling the demands of people and existing market needs. Engineering is the field which opens up a wide area of applications to practice in. It is very necessary for the Engineers to understand the current scenario of the market and discover the undiscovered facts with articulating more of innovation stuff. Without Engineers, it would be impossible to work in today’s modernized world where everything is dependent over technology.

The Best Engineering College in Dehradun, Tula’s Institute creates new ventures for the engineers to be, by providing them nourishment and letting their minds open up wide to think out of the box. They are taught to work dedicatedly to flourish their skills and expertise in their particular field to create something new or help in product improvisation. It ignites the spirit to never stop learning and makes them a hard worker till they pursue mastery over their subjects. Students here, at Tula’s Institute, learn to question “Why?” and “How?” the things work, over the conceptual studies. And that’s what Engineering is all about.

Tula’s Institute is the Top Engineering Institute in Dehradun that follows the unique methodology of teaching. The students are taught subjects of engineering with the top significance that is up-to-date with today’s market culture in S&T. It has devised its curriculum such that it is immediate with its change in syllabus with regards to the update in the global market, irrespective of the fields of engineering. Tula’s has streamlined its education by keeping the students aware of their surroundings and current affairs. The Institute understands how to make them future-ready and set wings to their careers.

Theoretical knowledge alone cannot help win the game. It is crucial to practice conceptualization of respective domains. For example, a student who is pursuing Electrical Engineering has gained ample knowledge about motors and generators. But while bringing this knowledge into application he/she would definitely be perplexed on even how to take simple readings while using motors and generators. Although, it is also an important fact that both, subjective as well as practical skills should be acquired with equal competence. Tula’s makes sure that none of their students lack in receiving any of them. Classrooms are made advanced and carry interactive sessions for gaining information about the subjects. Applied knowledge is brought into practice in well-updated and modernized laboratories. Faculties keep a keen eye while the pupils are indulged with the experimentation and practical with real types of equipment and tools.

In addition to this, Tula’s Institute is aligned towards creating an environment ideal for holistic personality development of the students. Education is not only provided streamlined, alongside, they perfectly blend the studies with personal grooming. Soft skills training improves the way one can think, feel and behave in accordance with the industrial need. It highlights the invincible side of the individual so that it becomes easier for them to achieve professional goals which are required the most while entering the job sector.

Tula’s conducts numerous seminars, conclaves, events, and workshops aiming for the former. Such programs aim towards the betterment of communication skills, good attitude, adaptability and energetic rush.

tulas playersFurthermore, the best engineering college definitely would not lack behind in the foundation of a full flourished placement cell. The placement committee has an excellent record of placements and thus, the Institute is put at the stature of Best campus placement in Uttrakhand. Students get the best support from the placement team which is comprised of highly qualified trainees with years of experience helping them to earn laurels to their career and their institute. The Institute is proud of the alumni who are placed in the leading companies across the globe and have taken outstanding packages. Every year, Tula’s organizes open placement drives and invites over 100 colleges from various states helping other students achieve their career oriented dreams. Also, several industrial visits are being made for different streams and provide preparation tips while turning up to internships and training.

Tula’s Institute has made several collaborations with International Universities and organizations. Under Mersion membership, Tulaites have got internship and course offers from countries like United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Also, institutes like the University of Edinburgh, University of Arts, UK Royal College of Arts in UK, Imperial College, University College of London, New York University, UC Berkeley, the University of California in Los Angeles, Singapore Management University and Hong Kong University.

In a nutshell, Tula’s Institute is an ideal place that is laid in the foothills of the Himalayas providing a serene and tranquil environment with the subtropical climate. Such environment helps in smooth nurturing of our assets and thus, glorifying their value. It lays a perfect surrounding for creating the engineers of tomorrow with excellent scholastic as well as co-scholastic facilities that invariably imbues the spirit of innovators in them. Tula’s Institute prepares the engineers of tomorrow for the tough world they are yet to face.