How Seminars and Guest Lectures helps students in getting Industry Insights

When colleges only focus on classroom studies they miss a very important aspect of college education i.e. exposure. The knowledge in the books is limited and insufficient in the real world. The Tula’s Institute, the best college in Dehradun, understands this and therefore provides the much-needed exposure to the students in the form of Guest [...]

Best Engineering College in Dehradun

Have you ever imagined how would your life be without the inventions that are leading our life with ease? I guess it would be a tough row to hoe. The stage where the world exists today, cannot be easily ripped off because of the high-technology and super powers that hold it firmly. Engineers who are [...]

Facilities in the college makes life easy and innovative

We are living in the world of talented minds where each and every person has uniqueness in his/her presence. The zeal of performing different from others is increasing day by day among the students. They are working hard to come up with inventions and such technology by which they can ensure welfare of the society. [...]