On a hunt of Best Institute for MBA – 5 things to consider

MBA, a master’s course that aims to impart quality managerial skills and building worthy personalities for global businesses, needs to be done from right institution that has everything necessary to build up your career. Choosing the right place for your studies is a challenging job and needs to be executed carefully. A correct choice can [...]

Utkrisht 2017 the Technical fest of Tula’s is back with a bang

Utkrisht is a National Level Fest which is organised every year by Tula's Institute, the best engineering and Management College in Dehradun. Utkrisht, which means ‘Excellent’ is indeed an excellent display of technical knowledge and know-how by the students belonging to various backgrounds of Engineering and Management. Utkrisht allows the students to learn more than [...]

Some Common Misconceptions About Engineering

Engineering is one of the most widely pursued courses in the World. With the ever increasing Industrialisation and Digitalization, students are getting more interested in doing courses like Engineering to get a deeper understanding of latest Technologies.However, this does not come without some common misconceptions which are generally linked with Engineering. Some people believe that [...]