Every student has the leadership and team skills, it needs to be explored

In today’s world of competition, no organisation can survive in isolation. Corporate works in a pyramid structure; where different hands unite together to achieve the objectives.  There is huge requirement of people who are with leadership skills. In 21st century, only good marks cannot assure a successful life. One needs to look into overall development [...]

Marks are just the numbers: We focus to recognise talent out of it

In past years, education industry has undergone various remarkable changes. Gone are the days, when student’s assessment was done on the basis of his/her marks. The corporate world demands for the scholars who are multi talented and have variety of skills. These days students are also keen interest in showing their talent and skills. The [...]

Facilities in the college makes life easy and innovative

We are living in the world of talented minds where each and every person has uniqueness in his/her presence. The zeal of performing different from others is increasing day by day among the students. They are working hard to come up with inventions and such technology by which they can ensure welfare of the society. [...]