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Five Reasons Why Students Love Tulas Institute.

Tula’s Institute is one of the Top Colleges in Dehradun that offers world class learning and practising facilities in a highly innovative and calm educational environment. Since its establishment, the institute has worked hard to arrange best in class facilities and amenities so that there is no hurdle in the learning of students. The seamless [...]

Find out the leader inside you!

The human resource department of top organisation of our country are getting strict regarding its recruitment criteria.  Earlier marks used to be the prominent factor of selecting a candidate. However, the image is entirely changed and there is need of people who can add their value for the growth and development of the company.  People, [...]

A good training gives a good placement to the students: Tula’s Institute

In today’s scenario, getting a good job in reputed top companies is getting tougher day by day. Corporate are looking for the people who have past experienced in the required field. In such situations, entry for the fresher is completely depended upon the internship experience of the candidate. Students are getting serious towards joining a [...]