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/Why choose Tula's

Tula’s and it’s CSR

Today universities/colleges are often looked upon to take a leadership role within societies.  They are expected to lead by example whether through advanced research or by extending the bounds of justice on a global scale.  Meanwhile, a societal trend that has been gathering momentum over the past couple of decades or so is the significant role of [...]

Personality Development and Grooming Classes

Tula’s Institute has a dedicated team of professionals specializing in providing training to the students to help them adapt to fast changing world. We at TULA’S believe that personality is an aggregate of an individual's professional and personal capabilities encompassing skills of communication, leadership, confidence, decision making and an attitude to bring positive approaches to [...]

Industrial Tours and its relevance

Tula’s Institute realizes the importance of Industrial Tours and organizes regular tours to help students get practical knowledge about how various industries-organizations operate. The fundamental aim of the industrial visit is to expose the students to a different landscape, variety of people thereby encouraging interaction, exchange of ideas and to acquire the knowledge about the [...]