Tula’s Institute is one of the Pioneers in Education and over the years has been regarded as the most preferred destination for B.Tech in Dehradun.

Civil Engineering is an age-old profession and has been defined traditionally as “a great art, on which the wealth and the well-being of the whole of society depends. Civil Engineering is that branch of engineering which involves the designing, construction, and maintenance of works like highways, buildings, power plants, sea ports, inland waterways, industrial plants, bridges, dams etc. A Civil Engineer requires a broad understanding of scientific principles, knowledge of materials and the art of analysis and synthesis. It also requires research team work, leadership and business skills.”

Tula’s Institute tries to find an optimum balance between theoretical and practical knowledge with the help of Industry Experts who are mainly responsible for designing the course curriculum. The course curriculum of Civil Engineering includes the study of all the basic engineering sciences and is designed to introduce the students to a variety of problems encountered by civil engineers such as structures, foundation, construction, hydraulics and environmental engineering, work management and cost, transportation engineering, irrigation engineering etc.

As a student, one has to take into account the job-prospects and keeping that in mind we would like to share an interesting fact with you which is – The World Bank estimates that India’s urban population will grow from 331 million to 500 million by 2017, putting massive pressure on civic infrastructure and thus stressing on how important a role a civil engineer can play in the growth of the country. Not just that according to a recent survey by a senior World Bank Official, it is perceived that India needs three times the number of civil engineers for high growth in road construction alone, and roads are only 30 percent of India’s total construction requirement.

When you join Tula’s you will not just be joining any college but one of the best Engineering College Dehradun. Thus all in all Civil Engineering is not only the oldest branch of Engineering but also among the most progressive and dynamic with lots of opportunities for qualified engineers in a developing country like India.