It is rightly said that College is a place where one lays foundation for his/her future. In today’s time, a student requires more than just academic expertise to succeed in their life. Therefore, it is very important to sharpen their skills, other that their academic knowledge, so that the foundation to their success is steady and tough.  Colleges like Tula’s Institute make sure that the students get to exercise and hone their skills along with their students. In order to do so a number of clubs are formed for the students to participate in. In Tula’s, for example there are seven clubs namely Footloose for Dancers, Catwalk for fashionistas, Sargam for singers and musicians, Ravindro for Actors and performers, Expresso for Anchors and speakers, Technocrats for tech lovers, and Capture for budding photographers.  

Tulas ClubsThese clubs not only help students to explore their hidden talents but also help in polishing these skills over time with practice. By effectively participation in these clubs, student also feels refreshed and thus performs better in studies. Due to these clubs their creative side is not completely shut down due to the pressure of academics. In fact, they learn to balance their passion and their studies, which improve their time management skills as well. At Tula’s the students who love to dance or wish to improve at it, take out time to work on it. These clubs are not meant for entertainment, as some people might think. They form a very important part of the curriculum. Clubs like Technocrats and Expresso directly enhance students’ knowledge on subjects. Members of these clubs are usually engineering students, and thus get the opportunity to gain some practical knowledge as well. Other clubs help the students to fulfil their passion which they might later put to professional use. Students to participate in groups also get the benefit of enhancing their resumes with certificates and awards they might get along the way. Thus, these clubs not only serve as stress busters but also prove to be beneficial for the academic records of the students. It is always more important to follow one’s passion, and these clubs let the students do so and to enhance their hidden skills without affecting their studies.