best collegeThe education system was designed so as to accommodate all the stages of development of a person from his childhood to adulthood. The school was meant for learning all the basics of education and gain an overall knowledge of all the subjects. Whereas the College was meant for more specific development. For eg, a student chooses a specific course and specializes in it. The Tula’s Institute, the best college in Dehradun, realizes the importance of the role of college in a student’s life. Therefore along with classroom teaching, practical application of concepts is also encouraged through field studies, lab work, and industry visits.


engg collegeIt is also important to acknowledge the fact that college is the last stage of formal education. After the college ends, the students enter into the real scrutinizing world. From a relatively protective environment, they are exposed to life in its raw state. This is the stage when all the years of education are put to test and all the absorbed knowledge is utilized. Therefore, the Tula’s Institute, the top college in Dehradun, takes special efforts to prepare the students to enter a new life. The college gives various opportunities to the students to nourish their skills and develop their interests.


Top B.Tech College in DehradunApart from studies, the skills and talents of the students are also polished. The college years are the years when the students make their career choices. The importance of cultivating their skills is therefore inevitable. The various clubs at Tula’s act in the favor. The students can be a part of the clubs depending upon their choice of skill. Apart from this various seminars and exhibitions help the students to come in touch with the practical world waiting for them.


best collegeThere are various clubs in Tula’s Institute, the top engineering colleges in Dehradun are promoted by the official student organization VIBGYOR. The various clubs are Footloose for dance, Catwalk for fashion, Sargam for music, Ravindra for drama, stand up and gigs, Espresso for public speaking and debate, Technocrats for technology lovers and Capture for photography. Students can enroll in these clubs according to the talents and skills they wish to enhance and nourish throughout their college years.


tulas uttarakhandThroughout the year college students can practice and polish their skills to perfection. This can also help them to turn their passion into their career by pursuing it seriously. Students do not get as many opportunities and exposure during the school years as they get during the college. After college, they are able to decide what profession they wish to take up in future. Other than talents like dance, music, photography etc other skills like public speaking, presentations, and teamwork is also developed during the normal routine of college. The confidence and knowledge gained through these clubs are very essential for the future. Thus, this helps in the overall development of the students.