how to applyAn institution that dedicatedly works to provide the best education by recognizing one’s diverse needs and delivers profound solutions for students has a new milestone. Tula’s Institute is the Top College in Uttrakhand delivering a perfect environment to nurture the personality of an individual through imparting quality education in support with the infrastructure of supreme quality. The Institute keenly observes the requisites for conducting a balanced growth of the students into their field of expertise. It provides the most appropriate mix of both academic as well as non-academic facilities, since a person not only grows the best with scholastic studies, he equally needs a way out of it and act as a great stress buster. Tula’s institute offers a wide range of courses from diverse fields of engineering, Polytechnic, business management, computer applications and much more. If you are willing to be a part of this multidisciplinary and authentic culture at Tula’s institute, then you are reading the right content. The Admission procedure of Tula’s is not a tough row to hoe. Do not be afraid of the long and tiring entrée for admittance into the Institute.

The Best College in Uttrakhand has an easy going admission procedure keeping it in favor of the individuals who want to brighten the career of their kids. Tula’s Institute provides an open walk-in process for the inquiring minds. The applicants get an opportunity to the admission counsellor who will introduce you to the nook and corner of the Institute. You can simultaneously meet the admission counsellor and follow as instructed.

college-admission in tulasThe campus is set up in the lush green valleys of Dehradun deploying a serene atmosphere that is perfect for the child’s nourishment. Dehradun offers a beautiful hill culture with a picturesque environment and provides a magnetic pull to the location which is an ideal location for studies. The infrastructure is perfectly built laying foundation to courses with the School of Engineering and Polytechnic, Graduate school of Business, School of Agriculture and Forestry and school of Computer Applications including both Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree.  Classrooms for every program incorporate the ideal functioning which is most appropriate for the particular course. Faculties who have attained years of experience from most renowned institutions deliver lectures keeping in mind the scenario of the global market and understanding the pace with which the teaching should be carried. The institute also comprises of various lecture theatres, digital library, computer centers, seminar halls, laboratories and an auditorium along with many other extra facilities like a cafeteria, medical room, etc. with up-to-date technology for furnishing and beautifying the quality of educational institute.

download prospectusAdmission procedure can also be carried out through the institute’s online service. What’s needed to be done is download the application form, fill the details carefully and either email the scanned copy of the filled form or you can courier the admission form along with the necessary documents.

Tula’s Institute of Engineering and Management, the Best campus placement college in Uttrakhand has never failed in discovering milestones of achievements. More than procuring nationwide recognitions, it has brought many career dreams associated with the Institute come true. Students who have pursued their career from Tula’s were trained for excellence and have succeeded in all their professional endeavors.